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Carrier Pay

CAM Logistics pay's their carriers within 21 days!! Quick Pay available by check. 3% fee.





Post Katrina

CAM Transport & CAM Logistics, located in Gulfport, MS have shown their tenacity and dedication to the industry as they have overcome Katrina & Isaac and the changes they brought about. While overcoming adversity and tragedy the CAM family's character stands above  all.





CAM Logistics Delivers to US Coast Guard Guam!

Coast Guard takes delivery of a new 45' response boat in Guam, transported by CAM's Terminal 17 in Tallahassee, FL.

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CAM Logistics continues to support the Coast Guard RB-M Program by delivering much needed cradles to needed C.G. Stations





Carrier Services



NOTE: Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). You will need a TWIC to gain unescorted access to secure areas of Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated f

Due to requirements necessitated by continuing changes in transportation law and in order to protect the interest of CAM Logistics and YOU, the proper exchange of documentation is required.

Therefore, we will provide you with the following:

    (1)   Certificate of Insurance – each carrier must have $1 million of both Auto and General Liability in addition to $100,000 Cargo Liability.


    (2)  ICC Authority or other permit to operate as a carrier.  If carriers is a Common or Contract Carrier, a signed CAM Logistics contract must accompany this request.


    (3)  Current complete and legible W-9 form.

Carrier Guidelines

Carrier Paperwork

1. CAM Logistics load number is critical. If we cannot identify the proper paperwork to our load number, payment will be delayed. We need your paperwork within 10 days of delivery.

2. Carrier must check in as "CAM Logistics" - NOT under the truck's name.

3. Bills of Lading (BOL)

  1. We need clear original copies with the driver's and receiver's original signatures and/or stamp of Receiver (shipper signature not required — implied with receipt of BOL).

  2. On all Government loads, a signed copy of the CBL is the proof of delivery. A copy of the POD must also be conveyed to this office, via fax or email on the day of delivery. The government requires us to have the POD in hand and presentable on demand before we can show your load as delivered.


Quick reference:

 Invoices submitted for payment must have the following:

·    Appropriate Backup Documentation - Signed bill of lading & signed proof of delivery, Load & Rate Confirmation.
·   Government Loads For all Government loads moved on a CBL (Commercial Bill of Lading) a signed copy (by receiver) must be faxed to (850) 656-3924 on day of delivery by the driver. The Government does not consider the load delivered until this office can provide POD on demand.
 ·   Submit invoices for payment attaching all backup paperwork.


CAM Logistics
15487 Oak Lane, Suite 200 F
Gulfport, MS 39503


NOTE: Our policy is to pay you within 21 days upon receipt of your invoice in the Freight Payables Department if the above procedures are followed and the rates are correct. Quick Pay @ 3% in 1-3 days by check.