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Carrier Pay

CAM Logistics pay's their carriers within 21 days!! Quick Pay available by check. 3% fee.





Post Katrina

CAM Transport & CAM Logistics, located in Gulfport, MS have shown their tenacity and dedication to the industry as they have overcome Katrina & Isaac and the changes they brought about. While overcoming adversity and tragedy the CAM family's character stands above  all.





CAM Logistics Delivers to US Coast Guard Guam!

Coast Guard takes delivery of a new 45' response boat in Guam, transported by CAM's Terminal 17 in Tallahassee, FL.

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CAM Logistics continues to support the Coast Guard RB-M Program by delivering much needed cradles to needed C.G. Stations







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Exciting Job Opportunities! Hiring Freight Agents, Owner Operators & Fleets

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    In an effort to help you with your transportation needs, we would like to highlight some of CAM Transport’s strengths.

   CAM Transport was established specifically to serve the logistics requirements of our customers.  CAM Transport is an industry leader that has the experience and financial strength to provide full service logistics services.

    We attribute our success to identifying and servicing customers through a strategy of value added services that result in improved cost efficiencies to our customers.

   CAM Transport’s commitment to safety extends to our customers as well as a cooperative venture between CAM Transport and its customers, and is aimed at the people who work on the loading docks, in shipping/receiving and in the driver’s seat.  We believe that by working together, CAM Transport and our customers can create a safer environment.

   CAM Transport services all 48 states.  No two projects are alike. No two customers have the same shipping requirements.  Therefore, CAM Transport customizes its services to reflect each customer’s unique shipping requirements.

    Our vision for your company carries with it each one of these aims and is further enhanced by the level of confidence we have in our ability to deliver the finest transportation service available in the marketplace today.


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